Glenellerslie, established by

Gordon & June Smith in 1974.

Now run by Ross & Mandy Smith and son Blake

With further help from

daughters Alicia & Rebecca.

Glenellerslie Hereford Stud, offers quality Hereford and Poll Hereford bulls to both Stud and Commercial buyers, with an annual sale second Tuesday in February.

Glenellerslie bulls are famous for their docility & doing ability. Operate a Certified Grass Fed, EU accredited fattening enterprise alongside their stud operation.




The Property," Glenellerslie" (800 acres and part of "Ellerslie Station") was taken up as a Solider Settlement blocky Gordon & June in 1948. Neighbouring property "Spyglass" (850 acres) was purchased in 1977. Part of "Back Lester" was purchased in 1993 to bring the total area to 1950 acres. Herefords have been run on Glenellerslie since 1949. 

The Glenellerslie Hereford Stud was established in 1974, females have come from: South Bukalong (Constance, Lady Minerva, Last Day, Lioness, Marshall Lass, Secrecy), Beggan Hill (Carnation, Cora, Constance, Doreen, Gladiola, Lady Mary, Marinda, Novelty, Prudence, Sunflower, Titania, Treasure, Marigold), Turee (First Day), PTW (Maritana), Yallowin (Carnation, Daisy, Gaiety Miss, Minerva, Sunbeam), Iona Park (Minerva, Prudence, Islay, Olive), Arrochar (Cherry Ripe, Lioness, Maritana, Silver Queen), Widgiewa (Last Day), Moorlands (Dominet), Kaludah (Fancy), OSullivans (Fancy, Moth, Conquest), Pine Hill (Ghost Maple, Emmaline, Maritana, Miss Harmony, Holly, Rebecca), Merawah (Bonnie, Irish Maid), Braybook (Matchless, Rollina, Leonie, Petunia), River Perry (Adorn, Ursula, Almond Joy, Faith, Winifred), Waratah (Jocelyn)